Stone Meta Media is a professional marketing firm offering a strategic suite of social media management services.
  • Setup for Success

    We setup and manage your social media presence to elevate your brand and expand your existing marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter and Blog accounts will be customized and launched to reflect the personality of your business.


  • Grow your Fanbase

    We take your brand to the online community, build awareness about your business and increase your fanbase through strategically planned promotions & offers. Our unique gaming strategy increases your fanbase virally.


  • Keep it Social

    We socially engage your fanbase daily with local and national topics to create an environment that will naturally spawn ongoing sales and service opportunities for your business. Our goal is to keep your fans engaged with your brand.


  • Get the Leads

    We have the ability to generate leads for your business through engaging conversations, brand awareness and promotions. We work with your business to create a process for handling new leads that are generated via social media channels.


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